About Us
Quality New & Pre-owned Office Furniture That Makes Financial Sense
The Office Guys
For 11 years, we've provided quality new and pre-owned office furniture that makes financial sense. We stand behind our name as the guys you can rely on, when you need to outfit your office with the essentials to conduct your daily business. Whether you're building from the ground up, expanding, or simply looking for an individual piece, we are in the office and ready to assist. Our large network within the industry, ensures that we have access to a variety of styles through a quick and efficient process.  

At The Office Guys, we do not strive to add value to pre-owned furniture, but rather to appreciate the life it has left. Furniture was once an investment, finely crafted, with the intent of being passed on to future generations. Therefore, we like to think of our business as passing on the furniture of major corporations, institutions, and organizations, to the next generation of the American dream. We are also proud to be part of an industry on the cusp of the green movement.

In addition to our pre-owned inventory, We partner with Offices To Go:  With all the sophisticated styles offered at Offices To Go, it's easy for the budget minded business to purchase high quality, new office furniture, at the right price.

We also offer delivery and installation services for any product(s) - including cubicles, workstations, desks, and file cabinets - at an additional fee. Furthermore, we provide office cleanout services with complete furniture liquidation and removal.

The Office Guys, Inc. aims to be a provider of high-quality office furniture, at the best possible price. We are the guys in the next cubicle, or in the office down-the-hall, ready to answer your questions, understand your concerns, and at the end of the day, get the job done!